DABBL Shower Enclosures Let You Fall in Love with a Bath

For the large number of shower room,DABBL Shower Enclosures Let You Fall in Love with a Bath Articles choose the shower room manufacturers recommended shower room is a good choice. Dabbl Shower Enclosure DY-DL821 sliding glass door, Its appearance of fashion will not take up too much door access and creates more shower space. You can enjoy a more comfortable shower experience.

Shower Enclosure DY-DL821

6/8 mm tempered glass to EN 12150

Easy clean glass available

Double wheel is very quiet, smooth and stable

Zinc alloy handle 160B

0-20mm adjustment per side


DL series passes down the shower installation london traditional style of European shower enclosure, with simple lines and exquisite design. The forceful style does not lose smart and light elements. The wheels are hidden and combine the outside shape to form an integrated structure, giving users a feeling of an integral whole. Sliding glass door apples aluminum magnetic strip and makes the product have more metal feeling.

‘Safe shower, preferred Dabbl’. Dabbl shower room manufacturer has been constantly exploring and innovation. Dabbl has introduced explosion-proof shower enclosure, laminated glass shower enclosure, homogeneous tempered glass shower enclosure. Dabbl shower enclosure is committed to creating a more comfortable safe shower experience for users. All pulleys are used 404 stainless steel bearings, push and pull test are more than 100,000 times to ensure that in a different environment can also run smoothly.

Dabbl shower products by the global user’s trust, the products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions. Dabbl’s products cover simple shower room, hotel shower room, custom shower enclosure, government engineering shower room, bath shower room, explosion-proof shower room, hospital shower room, nursing room shower room, hotel shower room, engineering shower room. Dabbl shower enclosure can be tailored according to the needs of users suitable for their own bathroom, simple shower enclosure, walk in shower enclosures, corner, quadrant, frameless screen and other products. Invite all over the world to build the elite of China’s shower room leading brand.