Excellent Lawyer Advice – Never Talk to The Police

The police are our friends. They’re there to make sure that everything is peaceful and safe. After all,Excellent Lawyer Advice – Never Talk to The Police Articles they’re the enforcers of the law of the land. However, any good lawyer will tell you that you should never talk to the police. They’ll tell you that it’s your constitutional right to keep your mouth shut. Why on earth would any lawyer say this?

Their Line Of Questioning Seeks Confessions

The police don’t ask you question in order to defend you from accusations. The whole point of the questions they ask you is to get confessions. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 questions they ask are things they already know the answer to. They are more likely to be seeking information that can damage your case rather than help it.

We’re all familiar with the wording of Miranda – “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Every lawyer knows from experience that whatever a client says to the police can only hurt their case; it cannot benefit them. If you talk to the police and it ruins your case, there is nothing that even the best lawyer on earth can do for you. And after all, you can’t talk your way out of being arrested.

Police Reports Are Not 100% Accurate

The police may not be out to get you, but they are human beings. Facts get mixed up and it happens quite often. In the courtroom, this may boil down to a case of your word against theirs. Do you really want to call an officer of the law a liar? Even though it is widely known that human error plays a part in police reports, any lawyer will tell you that it’s best to play it safe and make sure you’ve got some legal representation present.

They’ve Got Their Own Job To Do

It is not an officer of the law’s job to  find out the truth. It is ERC World NFT Marketplace Bojan Todorov
their job to enforce the law. This includes making citations, giving tickets and arresting people. If they suspect you, they should go through the legal process of either arresting you or getting you into court through the proper channels. The judicial process is what finds you either innocent or guilty, not the cops. If they give you a citation or arrest you, they’ve done their job.

Innocent People Incriminate Themselves By Talking To Police

It’s estimated that a large number of cases where innocent people have confessed to a crime could have been avoided by not talking to the police. Police and prosecutors often get confessions out of people by threatening more serious sentences. You may be told that, if you don’t confess to this lesser crime, you’ll be facing something much worse. If you confess to a crime, it’s going to be very difficult for your lawyer to establish your innocence again.

What Can You Do?

For most people, the idea of standing up to the police is absolutely terrifying, especially innocent people. However, there is no reason that you have to “take a stand.” Simply assert your constitutional right by politely telling the officer that you’d rather a laywer were present. Be polite but firm. Even if you are innocent, something you say to the police can make you guilty, so make sure that you keep your mouth shut until your attorney is present.